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Work smarter, not harder. Nebula, an end-to-end eDiscovery software solution, is disrupting traditional approaches to the standard contract/managed review workflow process. With a full range of AI and Machine Learning tools, to the industry’s leading analytics software, our developers create customized managed review workflow accelerators designed to maximize data enrichment while minimizing cost. While traditional, linear methods increase the risk of escalating costs, inconsistent categorization decisions, and missing critical documents, Nebula’s eDiscovery software reduces those risks and increases cost savings.

Nebula's Workflow is an automated eDiscovery managed review workflow accelerator driving costs savings and reducing errors.

Developed through the collaboration of our data scientists, software engineers, legal, and data management professionals, Nebula’s eDiscovery software Toolkit is the most advanced suite document review workflow accelerators on the market, offering features such as:

Workflow Reporting Suite

Workflow automates the flow of electronic data based on stages and removes the manual administrative steps of moving and batching documents. Each workflow is highly customizable, and electronic data can be batched automatically based on language, data source, keywords, and other criteria.

Workflows are generally very structured, making it easy to track the progress of the review and track the number of documents remaining in each stage. Most projects will only have one workflow, though you can have multiple workflows running simultaneously.

Rules can be created and enforced regarding the categorization of documents; for example, a document cannot be coded as both Responsive and Non-Responsive, or if a document is coded as Responsive, it also requires a Privilege call. Workflow does not allow documents that fail validation to progress to the next stages. This will greatly increase categorization consistency.

With Nebula Workflow, Reviewers will:

  • Dynamically create a batch with the most current and complete documents instead of selecting an existing static batch.
  • Check-in batches ensuring all documents pass validation criteria.
  • Correct documents with coding inconsistencies based on pre-set criteria.

Machine Translation

Leverage advanced machine translation based on the current gold standard in translation AI, neural networks, to get accurate and reliable translations of documents written in most languages used across the globe. A fast and cost-saving alternative to human multi-lingual review.

Native Spreadsheet Redaction

Allows reviewers to redact content from within Excel files without the need to convert to TIFF images. Options for redactions include removing cells, rows, columns, worksheets, formulas, images, and more. Pristine copies of the original file are always maintained.

A/V Suite

Winner of Innovation Awards for Best Service Provider Solution and People’s Choice, A/V Suite simplifies the review of multimedia files. Visualize audio files and have total playback control. Quickly redact and produce audio files - something no other review platform can provide.

Auto Redaction  

Protect sensitive information and streamline the redaction process with an automated approach. Greatly reduce the burden of redacting documents by automatically finding and redacting personally identifiable information or any other category of sensitive information.

Nebula accelerates document managed review with it's powerful workflow accelerators and AI.


Identify and group similar documents for a quicker review with less human effort.

Email Threading

Determine the relationship between email messages and identify the most content-inclusive messages to avoid redundant review.

Language Identification

Automatically identify the primary language on all documents in your data set.