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Nebula Archive

Nebula Archive™ is an advanced archiving solution designed to address modern enterprise data management needs at a massive scale. Intelligent retention policies, defensible deletion, and preservation controls are built-in, allowing organizations to automate capturing and managing critical data, reducing hourly labor costs, and mitigating risk. In addition, a comprehensive set of source data connectors makes the Nebula Ecosystem one of the few truly end-to-end platforms for Information Governance and eDiscovery in the legal industry - supporting all phases of the data lifecycle from data creation through to production in a legal matter and ultimately to destruction.

Nebula Archive

Nebula Intelligent Archive
Powered by Shield

Nebula Intelligent Archive™, powered by Shield, brings the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to monitoring and surveillance, allowing compliance teams to reduce the flood of false positive compliance alerts, do more with less, and stay ahead of emerging trends in enforcement. Coupled with Nebula Intelligent Archive’s unparalleled data portability, deployment flexibility, data source coverage, and integration options, Nebula Intelligent Archive’s industry-leading time to ROI brings unprecedented value to the Compliance and Information Governance space.

Nebula Intelligent Archive

Nebula Legal Hold

Nebula Legal Hold simplifies and automates the obligatory process of preserving data in relation to legal matters.

As a result, organizations can mitigate litigation risk related to losing or inadvertently altering information while dramatically reducing the hourly labor costs associated with managing legal hold compliance.

Nebula® Collections

Nebula simplifies and automates the complicated and time-consuming process of collecting data for legal discovery.

With its comprehensive library of connectors, Nebula can pull data from a wide variety of customer data sources, including cloud data sources. A simple drag-and-drop interface makes ad hoc collections from any data source quick and easy. Leveraging Nebula as part of the collections process permits organizations to reduce hourly labor costs while minimizing reliance on costly ediscovery service providers.


TB Processed

Nebula® Processing

Nebula’s robust processing engine is the culmination of 15 years of data processing experience battle-tested on untold petabytes of data from every imaginable source.

It boasts coverage for thousands of file formats, flexible data deduplication with smart normalization algorithms for maximum impact, unparalleled deep metadata extraction, and detailed on-demand reporting. Built on a highly scalable, containerized architecture, Nebula processing makes short work of even the biggest jobs. It is simple enough for non-experts to process their own data, yet powerful enough to satisfy the most experienced ediscovery guru. Best of all, Nebula processing eliminates the need for separate processing point solutions required by other platforms, reducing the hourly labor involved in transferring data between platforms and reducing the risk of quality defects.

Nebula® ECA

Nebula’s early case assessment module leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence powered by natural language processing, including entity extraction and sentiment analysis.

Combined with powerful visualization tools, Nebula allows customers to zero in on the most critical data in a fraction of the time required with other solutions. Automated keyword searches further enhance efficiency by pre-flagging potentially relevant, privileged, or other items of interest to legal teams. By providing an advanced automated toolset, Nebula’s ECA module gets lawyers the most relevant documents first while eliminating unnecessary data and minimizing the total matter cost.

Nebula® Review

Nebula offers the most complete, seamless, and efficient document review experience in the industry, hands down.

Thanks to a highly intuitive and responsive search interface, and built-in shortcuts to key documents, lawyers and experts always have the crucial documents at their fingertips. For contract reviewers, document routing automation and artificial intelligence ensure that they are always looking at the most relevant documents and that any human error is quickly detected and corrected. Nebula’s comprehensive review reporting suite makes managing large and complex document review projects a snap for review managers. And the lone corporate paralegal conducting an internal investigation can be an overnight hero due to a simple, intuitive user interface with in-line efficiency enhancements that in other platforms are absent or require licensing and managing third-party plug-ins.

No review would be complete without a final product. Nebula enables users to generate data productions in any compliant production format, including the Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission’s exacting standards. Customizable production templates ensure quality and consistency while increasing efficiency, minimizing hour time spent on this crucial step.

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