Data Science & Research

Nebula’s AI innovation is driven by a growing team of technologists with proven success and deep domain expertise.  Many hold advanced degrees in data science and related fields, as well as extensive certifications on cloud-based machine learning technologies. They focus on research, development, and testing for machine learning, natural language processing, and other advanced AI solutions.  They partner with clients from all industry sectors, academic experts, and industry colleagues as an ongoing investment in bringing the most advanced technology to bear for our customers ahead of the competition.

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Product Development

The Nebula product development team industry-leading software developers, engineers, designers, and product managers. Their skill sets range from application architects with deep expertise in cloud technologies and designing highly scalable applications to UI/UX experts applying the very latest development frameworks and techniques to deliver a thoroughly modern and delightful user experience. In collaboration with industry experts, our data science team, and feedback from our customers and trusted partners, we innovate relentlessly to develop solutions that continue to solve some of the most complex and evolving data challenges, dramatically streamlining data management and the identification, analysis, review, and production of electronically stored information.

Customer Success

Our customer success program is designed to challenge all assumptions and look for new ways to enhance our customers’ processes, solutions, and services, by continuously looking to define markets and create uncontested and new market offerings to create greater value and solutions to service and address those needs. These efforts directly feed our culture of innovation and our product development, allowing us to differentiate our solutions and drive value and reduced costs for our customers.

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