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Flexible & Predictable

Nebula pricing models are designed to support your needs - your way.

Nebula offers a variety of pricing models to consider depending on what you are looking to do. So, whether it is supporting one discrete matter or a broad array of issues, there is a plan for you. And since we know support is essential to your matters' success, Nebula also provides white-glove support and project management to assist with your engagements. But one thing you can be sure of with Nebula is that you will never pay for users, and you will never pay extra for Nebula’s state-of-the-art, continuously updated artificial intelligence and machine learning features.

Consumption-based Pricing

Only pay for what you use: access Nebula and the built-in feature-rich application on a case-by-case- basis to support your end-to-end discovery needs.

Annual Subscription Bundles Pricing

Nebula offers a volume-based subscription option to support our law firms, corporate clients, and our partners operating profit centers of their own. Subscription pricing offers the utmost predictability in terms of costs and value – Priced based on volume consumption, your subscription bundle always includes:

  • Data Ingestion and Processing
  • Data Indexing
  • ECA
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Nebula Workflow
  • Production Processing
  • Data Hosting
  • FREE and UNLIMITED User Licenses
  • Training
  • Support

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