End-to-End eDiscovery Software Delivering Flexibility

Nebula’s eDiscovery software provides clients and channel partners with the flexibility they require.

Available both as eDiscovery SaaS or a maintenance-free eDiscovery software appliance, Nebula can be deployed within KLDiscovery’s ISO/ IEC 27001-certified data centers, in the cloud, or behind your firewall and in your own data center using our Nebula Enterprise rack-mounted eDiscovery software enterprise hosted solution.
Regardless of how you deploy Nebula, all our clients get superior customer service with our industry-leading 24/7/365 support. Our data analysts and project management teams are always available to assist with any request large or small.

Nebula® SaaS (Cloud)

Nebula eDiscovery software maximizes the scalability, resiliency, and performance benefits of the cloud, delivering a powerful and fully optimized end-to-end eDiscovery SaaS solution at extremely competitive prices.

Nebula’s eDiscovery software is currently available in multiple cloud regions to address data sovereignty considerations across the globe. Customers with cloud-first strategies, or those with “in-region” mandates, will easily satisfy those requirements by utilizing the Nebula global cloud footprint. Further, Nebula’s global reach is always expanding with multiple new regions added each year.

As with all Nebula deployments, security and compliance are top requirements. Nebula’s underlying cloud infrastructure supports compliance with a broad set of industry-specific laws and meets comprehensive international standards, including ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 22301, ISO 9001 certifications, PCI DSS Level 1 validation, SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 attestations, HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, and HITRUST certification. Operated and maintained globally, our cloud infrastructure is regularly and independently verified for compliance with industry and international standards and provides customers the foundation to achieve compliance for their applications.

Nebula® SaaS (Nebula Data Center)

Nebula is hosted in KLDiscovery’s own data centers in five countries strategically positioned globally. We continually invest in our overall infrastructure. Running the same code as our other deployment models, our hosted SaaS deployments boast the same highly efficient, containerized, auto-scaling capabilities as do our cloud deployments.


KLDiscovery IT staff in server room with Nebula laptop.

Our data center deployments comply with multiple global and local security standards including ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2, UK Cyber Essentials, PCI DSS, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, ITAR, GDPR, and OWASP. Nebula provides the highest levels of performance, data protection, fault tolerance, and unparalleled disaster recovery capabilities.

Nebula® Enterprise

The cloud isn’t right for everyone, nor for all data.

Nebula’s end-to-end eDiscovery software is available in a rack-mounted DIY solution to accommodate the geographic and data control needs of our clients. Nebula Enterprise brings the power, flexibility, and enhanced feature set of Nebula to your data center in a DIY plug-n-play expandable appliance designed to address a myriad of security and compliance considerations.

Nebula Enterprise installed in server rack.

Extreme Reliability

Designed for long-term installation with minimal maintenance, Nebula Enterprise is self-healing, meaning the system will automatically restore normal operations in the event of hardware failure. Administrators are notified when an element requires replacement, and maintenance can be scheduled while maintaining functionality in the interim.

Grows with Your Needs

With different sizes available to meet your needs, this enterprise-grade hardware DIY, processing and review solution is offered as an annual subscription. In addition, Nebula Enterprise's storage can be expanded to larger tiers as your organization grows.

Comprehensive Dashboard

An integrated dashboard allows your organization's IT staff to control and configure the system. In the event additional assistance is needed, secure remote support can be authorized through the dashboard.

Highly Secure

All data is stored locally on the appliance, and no physical access to the unit is required. All data is encrypted at rest, with its own set of encryption keys specific to each client. Client certificates are supported for encrypting network traffic. Each unit has its own set of administrator credentials and its own set of user accounts. It is an entirely private and isolated Nebula instance.

Scheduled Nebula Updates

Nebula Enterprise subscribers receive complete Nebula upgrades, with the flexibility to schedule updates at a convenient time or manually initiate installations. Enterprise software is on the same release schedule as the other delivery models, so your data is never stranded in any one delivery model.


We are right here with you 24/7/365!


Software companies are notorious for tortuous support protocols, lackluster response and resolution times, and poorly trained support personnel. Many software companies outsource their help desks. That's not the Nebula support team.


Contacting support is as easy as sending an email. There are no limitations on who can contact support, and no need to log into a support portal and complete a lengthy form.


All customers are guaranteed a response from a human within 30 minutes, 24x7x365, no premium support contract required.


The Nebula support team are full time company employees with decades of industry-specific experience, and they don't just read from support scripts: they are also Nebula gurus who use the platform every day to complete projects big and small for Nebula customers.


The underpinning of everything we do is our company culture, and our corporate values statement says it all: "Our clients’ satisfaction is the #1 priority."

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