Our goal is to transform ediscovery from an art to a science – something that is predictable, reliable and efficient, with higher quality results. And the key to transforming ediscovery is repeatability.

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Only You Can Prevent Legal Hold Wildfires

The Ediscovery Blog

By Thought Leadership Team

Judge Peck Has Had Enough of “Meaningless Boilerplate Responses” Fischer v. Forrest, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 28102 (S.D.N.Y. Feb. 28, 2017) “Unusually Deplorable” Conduct Costs Plaintiff $7 Million in Sanctions Shawe v. Elting, 2017 Del. LEXIS 61 (Del. Feb. 13, 2017) Ignorance of the Technology is No Excuse; Businesses Have a Duty to Ensure Confidential […]

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By Eric Robinson

On this St. Patrick’s Day, it’s opportune to revisit a prominent Irish judicial opinion – in fact, the first known judicial opinion in Europe to endorse predictive coding. In the spring of 2015, Ireland embraced predictive coding in Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Ltd v. Quinn [2015] IEHC 175, a case holding that, in the discovery […]

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By Michele Lange

In early February, KrolLDiscovery sponsored a Legaltech educational session focused on mobile devices and extracting the data contained therein. You need not be a computer wizard to appreciate the volumes of relevant data housed on the mobile device in your hand; however, extracting that data does take a spark of genius. The standards and technology […]

The post Mobile Data Extraction: A Combination of Wizardry, Genius and Magic appeared first on The Ediscovery Blog by KrolLDiscovery.

The Ediscovery Buzz

Dec 8

2016 Ediscovery Case Law: New FRCP Amendments Drive 60 Percent Increase in Proportionality Opinions

Press Release

Strong emphasis on proportionality and scope of discovery dominated this year’s ediscovery judicial opinions (56 percent as compared to 35 percent in 2015) as courts reacted to the December 1, 2015 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP).

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