Our goal is to transform ediscovery from an art to a science – something that is predictable, reliable and efficient, with higher quality results. And the key to this transformation is repeatability.

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The Ediscovery Blog

By Michele Lange

How do you stop a security professional’s heart from beating? Two words: security breach.  In today’s “Internet of Everything” environment, the impact of a security breach can be felt around the world and back again…in a matter of seconds.  For that reason, it’s not surprising that on April 7th when news of the Heartbleed bug […]

The post Heartbleed Won’t Bring Cardiac Arrest for Ediscovery appeared first on The Ediscovery Blog by Kroll Ontrack.

By Eric Robinson

From Rodney Dangerfield’s 1980’s hit, “Back to School,” to Jack Black’s “School of Rock” in 2003 – time and time again – the movie industry strikes gold portraying stories of greenhorns attending or teaching in educational institutions. Having had my own journey through law school and enduring the spotlight of the Socratic Method, I never […]

The post School of Ediscovery! appeared first on The Ediscovery Blog by Kroll Ontrack.

By Michele Lange

Venturing down memory lane to when I was a first year law student with a thirst for knowledge, I’m reminded of the proverbial “Aha!” moment that struck me when all the information I’d been learning about distinct areas of law started to blend together. For the first time, I had a sense of how our […]

The post Three Good Reasons Why Even the Most Cutthroat Lawyers Should Want to Cooperate appeared first on The Ediscovery Blog by Kroll Ontrack.

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The Buzz

Apr 1

Kroll Ontrack predictive coding technology receives first place award in The 2014 Best of NLJ Survey

Press Release

Kroll Ontrack announced it received top honors for its predictive coding technology in The 2014 Best of NLJ Survey. The 2014 Best of NLJ Survey garnered more than 6,000 votes from lawyers, legal consultants, judges and other law firm professionals across the country. The predictive coding capabilities within Kroll Ontrack’s platform have been used on hundreds of matters in the four years it has been in the market.

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