Our goal is to transform ediscovery from an art to a science – something that is predictable, reliable and efficient, with higher quality results. And the key to transforming ediscovery is repeatability.

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Ediscovery Trends:
Industry Survey Results

The Kroll Ontrack 2014 ediscovery trends survey unveils fascinating developments about predictive coding, cybersecurity, social media and more from hundreds of litigation technology professionals.

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Ediscovery Trends: Industry Survey Results

The Ediscovery Blog

By Michele Lange

“Electronic document creation and/or storage, and electronic communications, have become commonplace in modern life…attorneys who handle litigation may not ignore the requirements and obligations of electronic discovery. A lack of technological knowledge in handling ediscovery may render an attorney ethically incompetent to handle certain litigation matters involving ediscovery, absent curative assistance.”  New California Ethics Opinion […]

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By Eric Robinson

Choice A or Choice B? Choice C or Choice D? There’s nothing quite like the mystery and thrill of the Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) novel, where the reader gets to direct and navigate the story of their choice. Similarly, when it comes to Information Governance (IG) programs, corporate counsel and the IG team get […]

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By John Reikes

With August comes languid heatwaves, leisurely days outdoors and (for many) the looming dread of heading back to school. For students everywhere – and perhaps especially law students­ – the start of a new semester brings new challenges, lessons and discoveries. One thing that is slow to change though is the dearth of ediscovery courses in […]

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The Ediscovery Buzz

Aug 31

Kroll Ontrack differentiates Relativity offering with proven cost-cutting nearline technology

Press Release

Kroll Ontrack today announced the integration of its powerful self-nearline technology into its Relativity offering. Built to provide clients with direct and unprecedented control of data volumes and costs in Review, Kroll Ontrack’s proprietary review platform, nearline technology is a proven, effective means of reducing active data volumes and empowering a more focused review

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