A comprehensive ediscovery review tool that puts you in control.

Whether your project is large or small, ediscovery.com Review is your go-to review tool.

Whether utilising the industry’s most powerful predictive coding technology, or taking advantage of groundbreaking data storage options, ediscovery.com Review delivers fast and accurate results to save time and money.

Small matters, big cases and everything in between. Rediscover Ediscovery.

EDA & Review - Together forever.

EDA and Review. Together, forever.

No longer do you have to jockey data between separate platforms for analysis and review. No more lost time.

Ediscovery.com Review is an all-encompassing solution for conducting early data assessment, analysis, review and document production within a single platform.

Gain flexibility and control with ediscovery.com Review.

Review databases are often cluttered with non-critical data, resulting in sluggish searches and larger-than-necessary database volumes.

<p>With ediscovery.com Review, you have complete control over data volumes and costs - storage options, data formats and real-time metrics are now in your hands. You decide whether you see metadata only, native documents or tiff images and whether documents are stored in a nearline or active database.</p>
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Ediscovery.com Review

Customer Testimonials

With an ability to say I only want the text files, it allows you to limit the hosting charges and yet still make those informed case decisions that are so crucial.

David Yerich, United HealthGroup

My impression of ediscovery.com Review was that it's extremely intuitive and very easy to pick up on and it has a lot of great features and functionality.

Julie Brown, Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease

C. Ediscovery.com Review recognizes the fluidity of the review process, while providing control at the same time. The tool's predictive coding functionality and reporting enables us to glean insight at the onset of a project, and then make strategic decisions on a granular level about how and what data to review, avoiding unnecessary charges on behalf of our clients.

Stephanie Maw, Keating Muething & Klekamp

The one (feature) that impressed me the most is the ability to go into nearline. I don't think anyone else has that feature.

Ralph Losey, Jackson Lewis

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Voted #1 in predictive coding by the National Law Journal

See why Kroll Ontrack was named #1 for its predictive coding technology by the National Law Journal.


Ediscovery.com Review

Ediscovery.com Review is a dynamic solution to conduct early data assessment, analysis, review and production within a single platform.


Ediscovery.com Review Demo

All review in one tool, the way it's supposed to be. Watch how ediscovery.com Review is integrating EDA and predictive coding technology to deliver fast and defensible results.

Case Study

New Documents Mid-way Through a Document Review... Now What?

Technology Assisted Review by Kroll Ontrack empowers client to adapt to mid-review developments and bring an early end to the review.

Case Study

Corporation Leverages One Online Review Tool to Effectively Manage Vast Amounts of ESI

More than 2,000 data productions were made out of one ediscovery.com Review database to government authorities, opposing parties or other groups in related cases, resulting in increased control and better cost management for the corporation.


TAR Lifecycle

As TAR takes the legal industry by storm, a best practice lifecycle is beginning to emerge.

Info Sheet

Amplify the Power of Your Best Reviewers

Find out how predictive coding features in ediscovery.com Review increase review speed, consistency and accuracy.

White Paper

Driving Ediscovery Efficiencies in the Era of Big Data

How to leverage the strengths of people and innovative technology to reduce document review costs.