Relativity + KLDiscovery: A product you know from a company you can count on.

Two leading review tool choices. One exceptional outcome.

Relativity or Review. Choose a review tool based on workflow requirements, analytics, user preferences and the general needs of the project.


Nearline and be thrifty.

Reduce the size of your active work space and focus on what matters

Built to provide direct and unprecedented control of data volumes and costs, nearline technology is a proven , effective means of reducing active data volumes and empowering a more targeted review. Easily identify and set aside (nearline) non-critical data on demand – without needing to engage with your case manager – and take advantage of reduced nearline storage costs (50 percent!). Simply retrieve nearlined documents in a similar on-demand fashion, if and when needed. Now that you’re working in a less cluttered workspace, your most critical documents are front and center.

Your Relativity project just got a whole lot better

Your Relativity project just got a whole lot better.

Relativity expertise and the ediscovery “know-how” you expect.

Our Relativity case managers, including Relativity Certified Administrators, know Relativity inside and out. Combine that with our leading ediscovery expertise and KLDiscovery can confidently guide your Relativity matter – regardless of size, complexity and specialization.


An automated approach to redactions in Relativity.

Protect sensitive information. Streamline the redaction process.

Combing through data for sensitive or privileged information is a critical, yet arduous and time-consuming component of legal review. Moreover, inadvertent disclosure of such information can trigger a wave of expensive and distracting challenges for both parties.

The assisted-redaction application featured in KLDiscovery’s Relativity offering allows counsel to quickly identify, verify and apply user-defined redactions across the entire data collection workspace or a subset of data, while still providing users with full control to review, approve or reject each applied redaction.

Achieve true efficiency and quality control for redaction within Relativity.

Flexibility and customisation “right-sized” to your strategy.

Leave it to KLDiscovery to design a powerful ECA workflow.

Our customised workflow lets you quickly organise, cull and prioritise documents prior to review – all in one unified database. Control your data footprint by initially loading just text and metadata. Leverage the power and flexibility of Relativity search and analytics to gain early insight and focus on what’s important. Utilise custom, prebuilt pivot profiles for a snapshot view of key metrics, like the number of documents per custodian, the number of documents by type, and many more!

Relativity Workflow