A mobile ediscovery solution that puts you behind the wheel.

Good things come in small ediscovery packages | Ediscovery.com Onsite

Full ediscovery capabilities in a compact form.

Control, control, control. That's what you get when you manage ediscovery in-house with ediscovery.com Onsite.

  • Rapidly deploy industry-leading ediscovery technology in any country or location.
  • Avoid data transfer outside your organisation or to third-party providers.
  • Meet your legal obligations, without sacrificing quality or control.

Cutting-edge technology in the security of your office.

For cases involving highly sensitive data or stringent privacy regulations, ediscovery.com Onsite offers an ediscovery solution that allows companies and law firms to benefit from KLDiscovery's experience and advanced technology for filtering, processing, review and production - all within the confines of the company's four walls.
ediscovery.com Onsite

Sensitive data? Stringent privacy regulations? We get it.

Sensitive data? Stringent privacy regulations? We understand.

Here are some real-world examples from organisations that found ediscovery.com Onsite ideal for on-premise ediscovery.

  • A European organisation responding to a U.S.-based discovery request involving hundreds of thousands of documents that could not be transferred out of the country without first-pass review.
  • A financial institution responding to competition authorities requiring production of documentation, which demanded significant use of internal company resources and required intellectual property protection.

In-house, but not alone. It's the best of both worlds.

Combine KLDiscovery's experience and technology with an in-house ediscovery solution.

KLDiscovery's ediscovery.com Onsite hardware and software is installed before the technology is delivered to your premises. Once plugged in at your office, it is ready to be driven by KLDiscovery's experts, providing the latest ediscovery technology with robust filtering, online review capabilities, advanced data analytics and automated workflow - all from your facilities. When it's time to produce, you determine if, or when, data leaves your site, and KLDiscovery expert consultants are at the ready for technical support, either on-site or remotely.