Ediscovery everywhere.

Data insight without borders

KLDiscovery’s mobile solution is fast, thorough and ready to be deployed where you need it. In the hands of our expert consultants, our powerful mobile solution will capture, process, filter and examine data within the comfort of your own office.

  • Uncover meaningful business insights from large and disparate data sets
  • Comply with complex data protection regulations
  • Respond rapidly to requests for information or internal investigative needs
  • Minimise the security risks associated with data transfer
  • Implement and build information governance strategies

Powerful, portable, flexible

Cutting-edge technology in the security of your office

KLDiscovery's mobile solution can be used in a wide variety of investigative scenarios including ediscovery, internal investigations and proactive compliance reviews. KLDiscovery’s cutting-edge mobile technology will enable you to:

  • Conduct full-scale investigative work without removing data from the organization or country
  • Access key information needed to define case strategy and determine if further investigation is warranted
  • Identify potential wrong-doing and people of interest
  • Leverage forensic expertise to discern specific user behaviour to support investigations

Local knowledge, global reach

Clients opting to use KLDiscovery’s mobile solution will be guided throughout the whole process by KLDiscovery’s expert forensic investigators, ediscovery consultants and case managers who are familiar with local laws, languages and cultural issues. Our global network allows us to deliver international solutions without compromising on local knowledge.

Designed with data protection in mind

An elegant solution to an increasingly complex, regulatory world

Data protection regulations are growing ever more complex, especially regarding cross-border data transfers. KLDiscovery’s mobile solution brings the data centre to your offices, allowing powerful processing, filtering and analysis without the need to move data.

  • Reduce the need for cross-border data transfers
  • Segregate and filter out personally identifiable or sensitive data, sensitive company information or privileged documents early on and protect unwanted disclosure
  • Avoid over-collection by culling irrelevant data and focusing on data that is relevant or responsive