Are You Prepared?

First responder training.

Successful digital investigations depend upon the first steps you take.

With this in mind, KLDiscovery provides a training course which gives you the skills and techniques required to secure potential evidence in a competent manner. This gives your organisation the ability to respond quickly and effectively to an electronic evidence incident.

With free half day courses available quarterly at our London offices, or bespoke training at your premises, preparing yourself for a forensic incident has never been easier.

Readiness Review

Readiness review.

KLDiscovery's Readiness Review is a consultancy service that assesses your preparedness to deal with incidents that require the gathering and preservation of digital evidence.

A digital forensic consultant will carry out a comprehensive review of the current capability within your business. The consultant will meet relevant parties to understand the high level business needs for forensic activity. This will be followed by an examination of the processes and procedures currently in place, plus an assessment of the ability of your organisation to carry out such assignments. This includes a review of any past occurrences of digital forensic work. At the end of the assessment, you will receive a Readiness Review report which details findings and makes recommendations by identifying best practice, missed opportunities and training requirements.

Mock dawn raids.

KLDiscovery works with companies and law firms to design and implement tailored approaches to suit specific needs.

In the event of a dawn raid, the in-house legal team will likely be the first port of call when regulatory inspectors arrive on the premises. In this high pressure situation, ensuring an effective and efficient response to regulators is key and having a set of practical steps and procedures to execute is vital.

Mock Dawn Raids