Uncovering the Evidence.

From hacking to homicide.
Our investigations.

KrolLDiscovery's Computer Forensics Investigations team has handled digital evidence for a wide variety of cases, including:

  • IP Theft
  • Fraud
  • Corporate Computer Misuse
  • Criminal Defence
  • Internal and External Hacks
  • Document Provenance
  • And many others

In essence, if you have a case that involves the analysis of digital media then we may be able to assist.

Computer Forensic Investigations

Securing the scene

Securing the scene.

Would you pick up the smoking gun with no gloves on?

How about letting someone walk through a fresh burglary scene in muddy boots? Of course not. Well, the same applies when examining media for evidence of malfeasance.

Even a cursory glance at the 'scene of the crime' can overwrite or delete key evidence, or change system time or date stamps that may prove important and make it difficult to distinguish your actions from those of the alleged perpetrator.

At KrolLDiscovery, we have a highly skilled team of computer forensic investigators who follow strict data handling principles to ensure that any evidence uncovered is admissible in a court or tribunal.

So if you suspect wrongdoing, please don't allow even a well-intentioned amateur to 'have a quick look' at the media, call an expert immediately who will be able to quickly advise on the next steps in the investigation.

Getting to the Truth

It focuses on where the electronic evidence is located, how to access it, understanding what it shows and what to do with it. Wherever electronic equipment is used, there is a potential source of electronic evidence and digital information and a trail to illuminate misuse or wrongdoing. Our computer forensics experts help recover any data that culprits may have sought to erase or hide, retrieve key data buried in documents and memoranda and organise data contained in multiple information sources.

Expert Reporting

When your case calls for expert opinion, KrolLDiscovery's computer forensics consultants and investigators have extensive experience providing evidence at trial, as well as authoring reports and affidavits.

Our computer forensic investigators have appeared as expert witnesses on countless matters at courts and tribunals at every level of the justice system.

Following strict chain of custody and forensic protocols, our technicians dramatically improve the likelihood that critical findings will be admissible in court.