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The volume of ESI made it difficult to determine the scope of the “reasonable search”; it is not an answer to say that the search should not be carried out at all

Gavin Goodale v Ministry of Justice [2009] EWHC B41 (QB), November 5, 2009

Keywords: Edisclosure, reasonable search, scope of the search, case management, proportionality, staged approach, keyword searching, back-up tapes, prioritisation, technology assisted review, electronic documents questionnaire

The perils of a D.I.Y edisclosure exercise

Mueller Europe Ltd v Central Roofing (South Wales) Ltd [2012] EWHC 3417 (TCC)

Keywords: Edisclosure, searching, expert evidence

The parties were directed to hold a discussion, with the help of edisclosure consultants, about how edisclosure could best be achieved.

Digicel (St Lucia) Ltd v Cable and Wireless PLC [2008] All .E.R (D.) 226 (Oct)

Keywords: Reasonable search, keyword searching, collaboration, back-up tapes, expert evidence