Report: The Pulse Benchmarks

Insightful ediscovery metrics that aren't on a "need-to-know" basis. December 2015

Ever wonder if your ediscovery project was "normal"? How do your collection sets, filtering rates and production volumes compare to other ediscovery projects?

At KrolLDiscovery, we handle thousands of matters each year and track hundreds of nuanced metrics associated with those matters. After aggregating and normalizing this data, it became clear to us that the trends within these metrics would be most valuable in the hands of ediscovery practitioners.

The Pulse Benchmarks are a set of trended data showing key developments in the ediscovery market. The insights provided do not come at the expense of divulging any client-specific or company confidential data.

Our goal is to break new ground by arming you with this powerful information and helping you better plan and execute your ediscovery projects.

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