Kroll Ontrack German Ediscovery Study 2015

Kroll Ontrack has carried out a market study that provides an update on current trends in ediscovery in Germany and on when and how it is being used.

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The key findings of the study are:

  • The need for ediscovery exists in Germany:
    Nearly 60% of companies interviewed have already carried out an ediscovery exercise.
    The Kroll Ontrack data centre in Germany has already processed more than 156 million pages since it was opened in spring 2014 and provided these to clients for review.
  • Increasing awareness of ediscovery in Germany:
    There is a high level of awareness about the relevance of ediscovery in legal proceedings as a process to interrogate electronic information in any search for evidence.
  • Knowhow
    78% of the law firms interviewed have recommended to companies that ediscovery experts in Germany be hired.
  • Best practices:
    Companies and lawyers have few places in Germany to find information about current best practices, a gap the study aims to fill.