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Feb 24 2015

Delivering Successful E-discovery Projects Across the Globe

Knowing the country’s approach to e-discovery is integral to ensuring that a multi-national e-discovery project goes smoothly. Join two international e-discovery experts as they discuss:
· The biggest differences in approaches to e-discovery in the US, EU and APAC
· How the extraterritorial effect of US regulation affects global companies’ e-discovery tactics
· Techniques for managing e-discovery in international cases and on multiple fronts
Dec 10 2014

Document Review Services

We will discuss and present the value of outsourcing document review work, what makes for an effective document review project and recent trends and forecasts for the industry.
Nov 26 2014

Strategic and Cost-Effective Edisclosure

Join us to discuss how edisclosure providers can add value to your disclosure exercise by guiding you on strategic early data assessment techniques and how costs can be controlled through helpful options such as text only format and nearline functionality.
Nov 19 2014

Edisclosure Platforms: A Demonstration in Efficiency

This webinar provides lawyers who may not have used an edisclosure platform before with the opportunity to see the benefits in practice.