What we do

We specialise in providing innovative electronic evidence services to our clients across the world.

"In Europe, we partner with our clients predominately in the practice areas of dispute resolution and antitrust by providing ediscovery and digital forensics services. We have offices throughout Europe, providing services wherever our clients need them with multiple data centres and full onsite ediscovery capabilities."

Tim Phillips
Managing Director
Kroll Ontrack International Legal Technologies

Who we help

We provide legal technologies services to law firms and corporate clients in most industry sectors including financial services, pharmaceutical, energy and retail.

These services include edisclosure, digital forensics, managed review and consulting which are provided in order to assist our clients in multiple practice areas including dispute resolution, competition and regulatory cases. Our clients rely on our deep understanding of their legal needs and our technical expertise to comply with disclosure obligations in the UK and gain a strategic advantage in their cases.

Our People

At Kroll Ontrack, our most powerful asset is our people. Some of our experts explain why our clients trust us with their electronic evidence.

The Edisclosure Blog

By Katie Fitzgerald

Like any young Scottish girl growing up, my aspiration in life was to become Cabot Cove’s finest; J.B. Fletcher.  Played by the glorious and revered Angela Lansbury, J.B. Fletcher was a sharp minded, best-selling novelist who would always save the day by discovering who the ’real killer’ was.  Years of ’whodunnit’ episodes brought out my […]

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By Tracey Stretton

In 2010, the then Office of Fair Trading (OFT) launched an investigation into a suspected price-fixing cartel between aviation giants, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. The airlines were alleged to have conspired to fix fuel surcharge prices. However, the case collapsed following the discovery of 70,000 emails that had not been disclosed to the prosecution […]

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By Lauren Grest

Last quarter we gave an update about our document review centre’s first few months of operation. As this quarter comes to a close, we thought we’d update you about what was another incredibly successful period. Not only did we build on last quarter’s work by continuing to provide services in multiple languages (English, French, German, […]

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The Buzz

Dec 4

Kroll Ontrack responds to customer demand for unbundled document review services with new European facility in the heart of London’s legal district

Press Release

Kroll Ontrack announced the launch in early January 2015 of a document review centre in the heart of London’s legal district. The dedicated facility, based within Kroll Ontrack’s European headquarters on Farringdon Street, will feature state-of-the-art review technology and a team of 40-plus specialised legal professionals assigned to individual cases on the basis of their knowledge and experience.

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