Your document review could not be
in better hands, eyes or minds.

Kroll Ontrack experts.

Our legal document review experts are one in a million.

Our teams review efficiently, protect perfectly and make deadlines and budgets accurately.

KrolLDiscovery’s legal document review teams are licensed and highly qualified attorneys employing the strictest quality control protocols. And most importantly, they are rock-solid amazing.

We can conduct your document review in any of our secure, fully equipped facilities throughout the U.S. or across the globe.

Our teams will assist in creating matter-specific review manuals, produce detailed communication logs and do everything necessary to keep you informed and somewhat awed throughout the entire document review project.

A hybrid of rocket science, brain chemistry and hot coffee.

If your document review practices haven't changed in the last ten years, you're wasting time and money.

Our teams are rock stars in state-of-the-science workflow, predictive coding, near de-duplication, topic grouping, smart searching, machine translation and more.

If your legal document review practices haven't changed in the last ten years, you're wasting time and money. We utilize innovative document review technology to defensibly laser in on the most responsive documents. The results consistently save you serious time, dollars and brain cells.

Hot coffee and rocket science.

Technical lingo or foreign language documents?

We’ve got your document review covered, no matter the language or subject matter involved.

At KrolLDiscovery, our legal document review experts have seen it all, and we can create a team with almost any skill set or subject matter expertise needed. French, Spanish, Japanese, or a multitude of other languages – when language proficiency is a requirement, we can locate document reviewers that are trained and ready to join our teams. Further, we can develop legal document review teams with substantive knowledge in the following areas: banking and financial services, pharmaceuticals, insurance, telecommunications, technology, agriculture, transportation, oil and gas, securities, and more.