Defensible legal hold management without the headaches.

Manage and track key legal hold data in a single repository.

Exchange your email-and-spreadsheet legal hold system for the ease and simplicity of Relativity Legal Hold.

Relativity Legal Hold automates the legal hold process and empowers users to defensibly manage and track legal hold communications and key data in a single place.

  • Streamline project management with automated workflows
  • Motivate progress through templates, reminders and escalations
  • Promote comprehensive responses through well-defined questionnaires
  • Integrate with HR systems for administrative efficiency and accuracy
  • Defensibly track and analyze responses using built-in reports and dashboards

Don’t get burned by unmanaged preservation duties, ineffective legal holds or faulty deletion strategies

Fire is fast and can rage out of control in a matter of moments. The same goes for document preservation in litigation and regulatory matters. Once the embers are lit, the process and resultant document preservation can spiral out of control in the blink of an eye.

KrolLDiscovery has developed a legal hold preparedness guide to give you the tools you need. From tips and case law, to the anticipated FRCP amendments, this guide will help your organization establish or validate your legal hold processes and procedures. Additionally, KrolLDiscovery’s Consulting Group is available at any point to assist.

Explore the Guide

Measure twice. Cut once.

Executing a solid legal hold strategy is like pouring a solid foundation. Everything’s better because of it. (And, your door won’t jam.)

KrolLDiscovery consultants develop and drive repeatable legal hold strategies that lay the groundwork for accurate data preservation and efficient downstream collection and review.

Whether guiding legal hold setup and drafting custodial notices, or facilitating relationships between key stakeholders to ensure legal hold protocols are effectively in place, KrolLDiscovery consultants are expertly equipped to support your legal hold process.

Consider it a legal hold blueprint for success.

Simplify your workload with full-service legal hold management.

Consultative Project Management

  • Initial Setup: Guide the implementation of the legal hold, consult on range or tiers of custodians, and coordinate with HR to guide data importation from HR systems
  • Communication and Questionnaire: Support drafting and distribution of the legal hold notice and prepare strategic questionnaire templates to better assess custodian involvement in the matter
  • Custodial Interviews: Conduct custodial interviews and manage interview follow up to promote timely, complete and comprehensive responses
  • Reporting and Follow Up: Provide real-time metrics on matter progress and devise follow up action as needed; drill in to response reporting and metrics to provide further recommendations

Strategic Legal Hold Execution, Preservation and Collection

  • Manage Stakeholder Relationships: Facilitate and enhance conversations between IT and Legal related to executing a defensible legal hold and accounting for all identified custodial data sources and locations
  • Prepare for Preservation/Collection: Provide consultative expertise to effectuate preservation and properly prepare for collection

Legal Hold Completion

  • Data Release: Guide the effective release of data following legal hold cancellation

I’ll take Relativity Legal Hold for a flat-fee, please.

Through competitive flat-free pricing for Relativity Legal Hold (which, by the way, is a SaaS-based technology, meaning your IT folks will be thrilled!), KrolLDiscovery makes it super easy to cost-effectively manage the legal hold process. The technology empowers you to streamline legal hold communications, defensibly track and manage key data, and provide full transparency to all stakeholders – all within a simple, per-matter pricing structure.
Relativity Legal Hold