Relativity + KrolLDiscovery: A leading review platform from an ediscovery powerhouse.

Not your “everyday” Relativity solution.

Efficiency, precision and cost savings at every stage.

KrolLDiscovery technologists are committed to integrating creative applications that help you do more with Relativity. Use our customized Early Case Assessment (ECA) workflow and innovative nearline storage technology to save money. Analyze communication data like email and chat in an intuitive interface to save time. Take an automated approach to redactions to protect sensitive information.

Bottom line, KrolLDiscovery’s offering or Relativity delivers the smart technologies you need to streamline your review.

Our knowledge is your advantage.

Delivering you the best Relativity experience in the industry.

Beyond Relativity Experts and a Master, every team member who works with Relativity has the necessary certifications for their area of focus – review, administration, analytics, infrastructure – to ensure you get great results from your Relativity experience. In fact, many of our dedicated Relativity team members participate in KrolLDiscovery’s specially designed RCA training program (we have over 50 RCAs!) to help you leverage the most advanced Relativity features and make recommendations that make an impact on your matter.

Award-winning nearline technology to reduce costs from the start.

Reduce the size of your active workspace and focus on what matters.

Completely unique to KrolLDiscovery’s offering of Relativity and winner of Best Service Provider Solution at Relativity Fest in 2015, nearline technology allows users to flag and set aside non-critical data into nearline storage during ECA or Review – on demand. Nearline storage is 50 percent less costly than active storage. And, by removing the data you don’t need at the moment, your active workspace is free from data “noise” allowing you to hone in on the most critical documents sooner.

Reduce my active storage

An exclusive ECA workflow for Relativity.

Search your entire workspace with minimal cost.

Our customized ECA workflow for Relativity empowers a seamless review experience from ECA through Review and eliminates the complexity (and duplicate hosting) inherent in a dual-workspace model. Using this powerful workflow users can:

  • Initially load only extracted text and metadata to drastically reduce hosted footprint (by up to 80 percent), while maintaining the ability to search entire workspace
  • Bring in native and TIFF documents on-the-fly as needed
  • Flag documents for review, nearline or redaction during ECA and self-promote on demand

Benefit from a single workspace for all stages of the ediscovery process and maintain granular control of hosted volume at all times.

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Simplify the review of communication data.

See patterns and changes. Make good decisions.

The majority of today’s communication is through email, text and chat, yet it can be hard to piece together the underlying themes and “who’s who” from the swarm of messages. Advanced Thread View – a new application in KrolLDiscovery’s Relativity offering – offers a simple, common-sense way to review communication data. You can easily spot patterns, changes and key conversation information in a familiar layout.

Simplify review

An automated approach to redacting PII in Relativity.

Protect sensitive information. Streamline the redaction process.

Quickly redact personally identifiable information (PII) – social security numbers, PINs, credit card numbers and more – using the assisted redaction application in KrolLDiscovery’s offering of Relativity. The application quickly identifies text matching a given format (such as words, phrases or 123-45-6789) and allows users to apply redactions across the entire workspace or a subset of data, saving significant time when compared to a manual redaction approach. Users maintain full control to review, approve or reject each applied redaction.

Redact easier

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Relativity from KrolLDiscovery

When Relativity is your review tool of choice, look to KrolLDiscovery for consultative Relativity expertise and all the "know-how" you'd expect from a leading provider of ediscovery.

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Early Case Assessment:

Investigators Uncover 18 Critical Emails Among Millions in One Week.

Case Study

Nearline is Necessary:

Save on Data Hosting Costs by Reducing Data Sets by 85%