Managed Services: Complete ediscovery customization.

True partnership.

The true definition of partnership.

Your unique business. Your distinct needs. Our genuine help and support.

Everyone needs people in their corner – people who understand the realities of managing ediscovery and know how to help. People who get that every dollar you spend on ediscovery should bring meaningful value to your organization.

KrolLDiscovery Managed Services is a true partner to your organization. Our goal is to design a managed services program that provides the support and skills you need so you can focus on your key priorities, and the transparency and collaboration you want so you feel good about the value you are receiving.

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A complete kit of leading ediscovery tools (and services!) for your choosing.

Private infrastructure. Great technology. Amazing project management.

The brilliance in having access to a well-stocked toolkit is having the exact tool you need for the job. You may have excellent ediscovery infrastructure but need support managing your ediscovery projects. Or perhaps you have reliable project managers but want to ensure you’ll have access to the best ediscovery technologies and a secure infrastructure to hold your data. In both situations (and many more!), KrolLDiscovery Managed Services provides all the components of a full ediscovery solution – software, support and infrastructure – with complete flexibility to use only what you need.

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Full tool kit.

True value.

Better align cost with value, not gigabytes.

Managed services programs that offer scalability without volatility.

Cost stability is an enormously important aspect of a successful ediscovery program. The challenge is when the big case hits and you need to scale up operations – how will that transfer to cost?

KrolLDiscovery Managed Services provides the flexibility to scale without the volume-based cost volatility often associated with transactional ediscovery. We build customized, flexible managed services programs that rightly align cost with the expertise, licensing and infrastructure that brings you great value, resulting in better overall cost stability.

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Managed Services: Complete ediscovery customization.

Blending technology, support and infrastructure based on your business needs. You gain complete flexibility to use only what you need.