Better Understand Contracts to Evaluate Risk

As part of business due diligence, a manufacturing company wants a baseline view into their contracts – terms, termination details, liabilities, scope of services, assignment of rights – and they need a systematic approach to analyzing and updating contracts.


  • Large set of contracts, various formats and versions
  • Hundreds of contracts with little uniformity
  • Inconsistency across contracts
  • Limited internal resources


  • Capture a baseline view into contracts
  • Better understand risk exposure
  • Gain insight to inform decisionmaking

Legal Projects


  • Establish clear project goals and scope
  • Identify and define project steps and workflows
  • Utilize continuous improvement quality model throughout project lifecycle


  • Disciplined process management
  • Improved knowledge to reduce risk
  • Greater consistency across contracts

Getting a handle on the information contained in a large set of contracts takes planning, diligence and process expertise. Our process management experts design and execute practical project solutions so you can get the insight you are looking for and reduce your risk.

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