Regulatory Change Necessitates New Language

A financial institution has been instructed to execute a new Safe Handling of PII clause into customer contracts to comply with new Federal legislation. Hundreds of contracts are affected and require analysis and possible repapering.


  • New banking regulation
  • Hundreds of contracts with little uniformity
  • Archaic contract management system
  • New contracts continually added


  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Mitigate risk of fines and loss of business

Legal Projects


  • Define the unknowns and identify paths of action
  • Develop simultaneous, continuous workflows to accommodate living, breathing contracts
  • Use Six Sigma quality control – continual evaluation and improvement


  • Reduce project ambiguity – a systematic, defined approach to legal process management
  • Complete timeline and budget transparency
  • Consistent, high-quality results

When extracting or inserting new contract language as part of a regulatory change, our process management experts take a unified approach, leveraging legal process expertise and proven Six Sigma quality principles to help you meet regulatory requirements.

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