A sophisticated approach to Corporate Legal Projects.

When high-quality is non-negotiable.

Corporate legal projects are complex and high-risk. Let’s do it right the first time.

Perhaps you need to extract or insert new contract language as part of a corporate transaction. Maybe a regulatory change requires you to execute a new clause in your contracts. Or perhaps you are simply striving to achieve uniformity across a full database of contracts or to assess risk exposure.

KrolLDiscovery’s ecosystem of experienced process and subject matter experts brings clarity to complex legal projects. With more than 30 years of combined experience, our team will guide your project to an excellent outcome using a well-defined approach from the start, legal process expertise and the highest QC process management.

Protect your business.

A methodical, process- and goal-driven approach. Superior results.

When facing a corporate transaction, a large set of contracts and a looming deadline to execute a change, establishing project goals and a plan of attack early on is central to a successful outcome.

It starts with identifying all the moving pieces and defining exactly what success looks like. It includes defining the many steps and workflows needed to achieve success. And, it involves a team of project management and review process experts focused on consistency and accuracy.

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Comply with regulations.

Many disparate stages. One consistent outcome.

You’ve got 1,000 contracts and a newly mandated PII clause as part of a regulatory change… what next? With countless steps to execute the change, each carrying unique goals and possible outcomes, you need process sophistication and expertise.

KrolLDiscovery process management experts take a holistic view of project complexity, designing and executing a solution that unifies the many stages. As a result, your legal project is handled efficiently and with full transparency, with a consistent outcome that meets regulatory requirements.

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Know your contracts.

Evaluate risk. Make informed decisions.

Getting a handle on the information contained in a large set of contracts is extremely helpful in informing business decisions. But having that baseline view into your corpus of contracts takes planning, diligence and process expertise.

At KrolLDiscovery, our process management experts take an integrated, systematic approach so you can get the insight you are looking for and reduce your risk.

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Leave nothing to chance.

Quality legal project management does not exist in a vacuum.

It is achieved with planning, diligence, continual evaluation and improvement, where adaptability partners with accountability to minimize errors. KrolLDiscovery project managers weave proven Six Sigma quality control principles throughout the corporate legal project lifecycle, applying measurable and aggressive methods of quality control to reduce ambiguity, promote consistency and improve project results.

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