Our overall ediscovery consulting strategy:
Be the best.

Been there. Done that.
(In a good way!)

No need to master all the nuances of ediscovery. We’ve got you covered.

No one understands better than KrolLDiscovery how ESI management practices are impacted by discovery demands and regulatory requirements. In fact, we’ve rolled up our sleeves on thousands of cases, digging right in to help clients assess data management risks, create and enforce information governance policies, and ease costly data management liabilities.

When you work with our experienced team, you can trust that your complex data management reality will get a whole lot clearer. We’ll get all the right people in the mix – legal, IT, compliance, records management – and leverage our expertise to set your organization up for discovery success.

Bottom line, our experience is your reassurance. Let our practiced consultants promote sound preparedness and skillful response.

The nitty gritty of KrolLDiscovery consulting services.

Information Governance Consulting

  • Knowledge & Records Management: Identifying, assessing and mitigating risks as part of your ESI management practices.
  • Litigation Readiness: Providing consultative expertise around data retention, data destruction and litigation readiness to support requests for electronic data.
  • Data Preservation & Collection Strategy: Preservation and collection strategies for your unique business requirements.
  • Technology Evaluation: Evaluation of technology solutions and recommendations to uniquely support the full spectrum of your ediscovery business practice.
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Discovery Readiness Consulting

  • Legal Hold Management: Help drafting, implementing and monitoring comprehensive legal hold protocol.
  • ESI Identification, Preservation & Collection: A comprehensive approach for data identification, preservation and collection that is aligned with your case strategy.
  • ESI Stipulation – Meet & Confer: Strategic consulting to help define project scope and establish production requirements for a specific ediscovery matter.
  • Early Data Assessment Strategy: Establishing sound case strategy early in the discovery process to promote downstream effectiveness and defensibility of actions.
  • Forensic Analysis: Following strict chain-of-custody protocol, perform forensic analysis including internet history, keyword search analysis and deleted recovery.
  • Predictive Coding & Review: Education and consulting around the review process, including predictive coding technologies and methodologies, to optimize your review.
  • Expert Witness Testimony: Testimony related to the forensic soundness of data collection performed by you, your opponent or third party, and special masters or neutral third parties.
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We put a "Pro" on every ediscovery project.

Our more than 140 project managers across the globe are simply the top pros in the industry.

Successful ediscovery projects require proactive planning, vigilant management and precise execution. The stakes are high and our ediscovery service people are of the highest caliber - deeply dedicated, vastly knowledgeable and fully engaged for you.
Yes, we all have tattoos like this.

Predictive Coding: Predicting your absolute happiness.

Technology Assisted Review (TAR) and predictive coding will set you free.

We have experience on hundreds of document reviews using predictive coding. Our ediscovery consultants have the know-how, the wherewithal and the best tools in the biz to get the most out of your review. From leading technologies to the best practices, we do everything possible to defensibly save you time and money (and make you happy) in the review phase of the EDRM.

TAR Lifecycle

Information Governance Consulting

Being prepared is a beautiful thing.

How’s your Big Data closet looking?

Experience tells us that solid information governance requires defined processes as well as a clear understanding of data management protocol and the technologies that support it. With deep ediscovery expertise and years of experience handling the most complex (and simple!) matters, KrolLDiscovery consultants will help you defensibly organize your Big Data closet and spiffy up your internal processes so you are well prepared when guests (aka litigation, investigations and regulatory requests) stop by.

Information Governance Consulting

Practical guidance born from experience.

Knowledge & Records Management Consulting

KrolLDiscovery has experience navigating complex IT infrastructures to identify, assess and mitigate risks as part of your data management practices. Having worked with hundreds of media types, operating systems and software programs, our thorough assessments inform comprehensive data maps and ensure data is structured efficiently and logically, so you have confidence in your ability to defensibly respond to requests for data. We work with you to understand your ESI compliance requirements, and implement processes and technology that support your records management requirements.

Litigation Readiness Consulting

A sound plan is vital to an efficient and effective response for ESI. It starts with identifying cross-functional stakeholders and developing a comprehensive plan around incident response – be it an investigation, suit or request from a regulatory body. Leveraging our expertise around data retention, litigation readiness and effective search, KrolLDiscovery consultants help ensure that established practices are supported with defensible policies, so when an incident arises, your response is efficient and confident.

Data Preservation & Collection Strategy Consulting

KrolLDiscovery has unparalleled experience in developing data preservation and collection plans in preparation for or in response to litigation. We have collected and preserved data for thousands of clients, and our experience can be leveraged to craft a specific strategy for your unique business requirements. Our consultants can identify gaps in your current protocol to pinpoint risks and provide cost reduction recommendations.

Technology Evaluation Consulting

Using industry best practices, we assist in vetting information governance programs with a focus on increasing ESI control and reducing operating costs. Our team of KrolLDiscovery consultants can assist with evaluating technology solutions, such as archive, early data assessment (EDA) and review software, and structure technology implementation to support effective processes.

Information Governance Consulting

Discovery Readiness Consulting

Request for ESI got you in a tizzy?

Respond to legal matters with confidence.

Smartly addressing requests for electronic data requires know-how, well-defined protocols and precision. When faced with the technical and legal nuances related to ediscovery, let KrolLDiscovery strategic ediscovery consultants develop a practical and defensible ediscovery response plan and guide a successful outcome.

Whether implementing a legal hold and ensuring proper document preservation, preparing for meet and confer discussions, or defining a defensible data collection, analysis and review process, our team of technical, investigative and ediscovery whizzes have the skills and street cred to lead your response.

Defensible litigation response…
it's more than just solid technology.

Legal Hold Management Consulting

Our consultants possess the legal knowledge to help draft, implement and monitor comprehensive legal hold protocols and strengthen your confidence in your litigation response and compliance processes.

Identification, Preservation & Collection Consulting

Utilizing our ediscovery, forensic and data collection expertise, we will design a comprehensive approach for data identification, preservation and collection that is aligned with your case strategy. Our forensically-sound collection methodology will preserve chain of custody, strengthen reliability, and help ensure the admissibility of electronic evidence.

Forensic Analysis Consulting

Choosing the right computer forensic expert could mean the difference between winning and losing a case. KrolLDiscovery forensic experts have handled some of the toughest and most complex forensic collections and electronic data investigations. Our team includes specialists who use court-tested methodologies, follow a strict chain-of-custody process, and help ensure evidence is admissible in court.

ESI Stipulation – Meet & Confer Consulting

While no two matters are the same, our vast experience working with thousands of clients on a variety of matters is invaluable when negotiating with an opposing party. We provide skillful guidance when defining matter requirements, determining data accessibility, validating keywords, negotiating scope, tiered discovery, or predictive coding , and establishing amenable production requirements.

Early Data Assessment Strategy Consulting

Establishing sound case strategy early in the discovery process can have profound significance downstream. KrolLDiscovery consultants help validate that the approach for identifying, collecting, preserving, processing, evaluating, searching, reviewing and producing ESI satisfies your compliance and legal obligations. Our experts also ensure your methodology and technology for reporting and interpreting case analytics is optimal.

Predictive Coding & Review Consulting

KrolLDiscovery consultants provide education and expertise around the review process to optimize your review. Our predictive coding experts help design an automated workflow that includes the appropriate quality assurance steps and detailed reporting. We will work with your legal team to configure, train, execute, and monitor the prioritization and categorization of documents, perform validation sampling, and attest to the process, if needed.

Ediscovery expert witness.

State your name: Ediscovery expert witness.

KrolLDiscovery ediscovery consultants and engineers have extensive experience providing deposition and trial testimony, as well as authoring expert reports and affidavits.

Our ediscovery consulting professionals have managed thousands of investigations and discovery matters, plus they possess credentials needed to provide expert testimony on most any topic, such as:
  • The reliability of collection practices by a third party
  • The soundness of data collections performed by our own team of data collection and forensic experts
  • Steps taken to identify, filter, process, review and produce electronically stored information (ESI)
  • Industry best practices and trends with regard to discovery processes and pricing