Our overall ediscovery consulting strategy:
Be the best.

We put a "Pro" on every ediscovery project.

Our more than 140 project managers across the globe are simply the top pros in the industry.

Successful ediscovery projects require proactive planning, vigilant management and precise execution. The stakes are high and our ediscovery consulting people are of the highest caliber - deeply dedicated, vastly knowledgeable and fully engaged for you.
Yes, we all have tattoos like this.

Predictive Coding: Predicting your absolute happiness.

Technology Assisted Review (TAR) and predictive coding will set you free.

We have experience on hundreds of document reviews using predictive coding. Our ediscovery consultants have the know-how, the wherewithal and the best tools in the biz to get the most out of your review. From leading technologies to the best practices, we do everything possible to defensibly save you time and money (and make you happy) in the review phase of the EDRM.

TAR Lifecycle

Ediscovery expert witness.

State your name: Ediscovery expert witness.

Kroll Ontrack ediscovery consultants and engineers have extensive experience providing deposition and trial testimony, as well as authoring expert reports and affidavits.

Our ediscovery consulting professionals have managed thousands of investigations and discovery matters, plus they possess credentials needed to provide expert testimony on most any topic, such as:
  • The reliability of collection practices by a third party
  • The soundness of data collections performed by our own team of data collection and forensic experts
  • Steps taken to identify, filter, process, review and produce electronically stored information (ESI)
  • Industry best practices and trends with regard to discovery processes and pricing

Mergers are emerging and acquisitions are accumulating. Are you ready?

A Second Request document review and production is not just another ediscovery project.

Orderly completion of the pre-merger investigation process, as well as the merger itself, requires collaboration with the most experienced second request team (aka, us).

Kroll Ontrack's team understands the inherent complexity of producing documents for the government. Our ediscovery technology is built specifically for mergers and acquisitions. Take advantage of its robust processing capacity, high-volume document review platform and production capabilities to meet the tightest deadlines. Merge with us for a successful deal.

Second request document review.