Global data collection wherever you need, whenever you need it.

Global data collection.

Experts in every timezone.

Whether one hard drive or a network of servers and thousands of pieces of media, our global teams provide extraordinary preservation and collection services.

Each year, KrolLDiscovery regularly collects data from approximately 150 different countries. As a result, our experts possess deep experience with country-specific discovery laws and customs. With more than 30 offices located worldwide, our data collection experts can be on the ground quickly, wherever your data is located.

(And, we know the best places to eat.)

Surpassing borders. Exceeding standards.

With more global data collection experience than any other provider, our teams respond promptly while adhering to the strictest methodologies to ensure your documents are captured and safeguarded - no matter where they are located. Further, with secure data centers in the U.S., U.K. and Japan, we can defensibly process and host your data for review and production in the same region.

Global data security.

Globally trusted.

Globally certified. Globally compliant. Globally qualified.

KrolLDiscovery is Safe Harbor Certified, meaning data from the European Union (EU) can be transferred to our compliant facilities in the United States without violating the EU Privacy Directive. Our international services also comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act, national anti-trust laws and other specific privacy laws.