Finally. An approach to ediscovery services that’s designed for you, not us.

The proof is in the people.

A (huge) dash of experience. A (giant) pinch of transparent collaboration. It’s the KrolLDiscovery recipe for service excellence.

Dedicated solutions team

Dedicated solutions team.

The intimacy of a local ediscovery services provider. The scalability, power of a big player!

Why reinvent the wheel with every matter? With our unified solutions team approach, you don’t have to. Not only do our ediscovery services and technical experts average 5 years of company tenure and nearly 10 years of industry experience, they know you inside and out – your company, your processes, your people – and get better and more efficient with each matter.

Welcome to a cleaner inbox.

The Project Wall: communication & collaboration systematized.

Taking our unified solution team approach and combining it with unique Project Wall technology ensures a systematic, transparent and repeatable service approach to ediscovery management. Not only is communication centralized with your team (vs. a single project manager), but you can give project work direction, pose questions and stay on top of project progress online, from any device. You’ll never need to manage your ediscovery projects via your email inbox ever again! Project Wall

On time and error free

A culture of excellent ediscovery services.

Error-free, on-time deliverables. Would you have it any other way?

Whatever we do, we are committed to delivering exceptional ediscovery services. Whether converting native files to disk or delivering accurate and efficient productions, our unified solutions teams get the job done right the first time. In fact, 99.8 percent of the 27,000 annual client deliverables go out error-free and on-time.

Large cases or small, we meet your deadlines and exceed your standards!