Reimagine the way you manage ediscovery.

Trailblazing ediscovery solutions that re-imagine how organizations manage ediscovery. Manage for Portfolio Management: One of the industry's first ediscovery solutions for managing ediscovery as a portfolio as opposed to individual projects.

View Demo » Review Review: Enabling reviewers to conduct early data assessment, analysis, review and production in a single ediscovery software platform while exercising unprecedented control of data volumes.

View Demo » Collect Collect: Designed to reduce the time and cost of identifying, preserving and collecting ediscovery data.

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Relativity: Leverage kCura’s leading review tool, backed by Kroll Ontrack’s powerful processing, secure storage and consultative expertise.

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Ediscovery software and services from Kroll Ontrack

Kroll Ontrack Software & Solutions

Ediscovery solutions that deliver greater insight and automation at each step in an ediscovery project.

The flexible ediscovery software keeps data in a single place, rather than jockeying data across multiple applications for collection, review, production and case management.

Driving repeatability across your whole ediscovery portfolio. empowers companies and law firms to manage ediscovery as a portfolio, not disjointed individual projects, while directing those projects through a unified and structured collaboration system.

Ediscovery Gurus

Proven services backed by ediscovery gurus and technology superheroes. is amplified by the global data collection, managed document review and professional consulting services offered by Kroll Ontrack through each stage of the discovery process.