The Short List
Jul 14 2014

Hackers Are After Employee Data Now

By Marlisse Silver Sweeney

It’s not just credit-card numbers and email addresses they're after....

Jul 10 2014

N.Y. Revises Privilege Log Practice

By Marlisse Silver Sweeney

The new rule on privilege log practice will require parties to meet before and after litigation to discuss the scope of document review....

Jul 7 2014

EDRM Framework Drills Down on Search Intent

By Mark Gerlach

A new EDRM framework released Monday places the term "search" under a microscope....

Jul 7 2014

Law Firms Respond to Security Risks in Client Data

By Judith Flournoy

After being dubbed the "soft underbelly of American cybersecurity," law firms embrace robust security programs.....

Jul 7 2014

#SocialMediaBasics for Litigation

By Katherine Bandy Weber

Social media is pervasive in the personal and business routines of clients and their adversaries.....

Jun 24 2014

Stagnant Magic Quadrant for 2014 E-Discovery

By David Horrigan

Despite a quiet year, some analysts predict possible disruption in the near future....

Jun 24 2014

Building Our Maps: Legal Infrastructure in the Age of Data

By Jason Boehmig, Tim Hwang, Paul Saway

New technologies, like artificial intelligence and document automation, could dramatically alter the landscape of the legal profession....

Jun 24 2014

How to Protect Client Data From Government Spies and Other Miscreants

By Monica Bay

You'll need to allocate more money and time than you might expect if you want to sleep soundly.....

Jun 24 2014

BYOD: protect the information, not the device

By Chris DiMarco

Data-centric policies enable BYOD....

Jun 20 2014

Standing Committee Approves Proposed Revised Rule 37(e)

By Jaret Fuente, David Luck

The Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure (Standing Committee) recently approved a revised Rule 37(e)....

Jun 18 2014

Non-Parties And Electronic Discovery: Limiting The Scope And Cost Of Responding To Invasive Rule 45 Subpoenas

By Kevin Heaphy, William McManus

Courts recognize that non-parties responding to Rule 45 subpoenas “are powerless to control the scope of litigation and discovery, and should not be forced to subsidize an unreasonable share of the costs of a litigation to which they are not a party.”....

Jun 17 2014

11th Circuit Says Cell Site Location Information Protected by Fourth Amendment

By Marlisse Silver Sweeney

Cellular phone location information can only be obtained by a warrant, says the 11th Circuit....

Jun 16 2014

Lawyers Who Understand Data Visualization Avoid E-Discovery Sanctions

By Patricia Kutza

Attorneys who don't need help finding key documents during e-discovery reduce spoliation risks....

Jun 16 2014

E-discovery training crucial to a full legal education

By Hilary Daninhirsch

Training would prepare students for the realities of practice....

Jun 5 2014

Waiting game: Perfecting the timing of third party discovery

By Sandra C. McCallion, Melanie A. Grossman

Recent cases have recognized that simultaneous party and third party discovery may be appropriate in certain circumstances....

Jun 3 2014

Do BYOD Risks Outweigh Benefits?

By Patricia Kutza

The growing trend for employee-owned devices may unleash a tidal wave of security risks....

Jun 2 2014

Standing Committee OKs Federal Discovery Amendments

By Thomas Allman

If ultimately approved by Congress, courts will be able to address failures to preserve ESI....

Jun 1 2014

Putting It Together: Why CIOs Must Help Plan Mergers

By Tam Harbert

Involving IT from the start can save money and help smooth the integration of the firms....

May 29 2014

9 Tips to Safely Use Cloud Storage

By John Roman Jr.

Read the service agreement and negotiate carefully to protect client confidentiality.....

May 28 2014

E-Discovery Hits the Silver Screen

By Law Technology News

Joe Looby's new movie debuts in film festivals in New York and New Jersey....