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Only You Can Prevent Legal Hold Wildfires

KrolLDiscovery has developed a legal hold preparedness guide to give you the tools you need. From tips and case law to the FRCP amendments, this guide will help your organization establish or validate your legal hold processes and procedures. After all, preparedness is essential, and only you can prevent preservation and legal hold wildfires.Legal Hold

Top Ediscovery Cases of 2016

In the past year, KrolLDiscovery summarized 57 significant state and federal judicial opinions from 2016 related to the discovery of electronically stored information.Ediscovery

A Practical Guide to Cross-Border Ediscovery

Litigation teams face new challenges when an ediscovery project crosses borders – from multilingual data and unique cultural norms to unfamiliar laws, regulations and data privacy practices. This guide includes practical insights into how organizations all over the world are managing a wide range of business challenges using ediscovery technology.International Ediscovery

6 Months of Case Law Under the New FRCP

Six months have passed since the December 1, 2015 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) took effect. What has been the impact of the new rules on civil litigation and discovery?Ediscovery

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Ediscovery Guide

At the heart of the amendments is a renewed effort to provide judges and lawyers with practical tools to help move the discovery process along and keeps costs in control.Ediscovery