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Protecting PII in Ediscovery

The location and management of personally identifiable information (PII) represents a key area of risk during ediscovery. KrolLDiscovery’s assisted redaction capability helps to streamline document review and production, reducing the risk of spoliation or sanctions.Ediscovery

Ediscovery Around the Globe

Litigation, regulation and investigations have become increasingly global, as there are more matters that involve cross-border data transfer.Ediscovery

Law Schools and Ediscovery

KrolLDiscovery recently examined 193 law schools to determine whether they offered an ediscovery course or seminar, and if so, whether it targeted students, attorneys, or paralegals, and if it offered a technology component as part of the teachings.Ediscovery

The Predictive Coding “Ripple Effect”

Predictive coding technology can help cull through mountains of data, quickly identifying relevant and responsive documents in legal document review. But can this powerful technology do more?Ediscovery

What is Ediscovery?

"Big data" is doubling in size every two years, which is creating bigger risks and rising ediscovery costs for companies.Ediscovery

Navigating APAC Ediscovery

Among countries considering or adopting ediscovery guidelines, privacy regulations, or data protection rules, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region lies on the cusp of the frontier.Ediscovery

Defining Technology Assisted Review (TAR)

TAR broadly encompasses many forms of document review functionalities, find out how these pieces work together to form the TAR umbrella.Ediscovery

2013 Ediscovery Case Law: Year in Review

From January through November of this year, KrolLDiscovery analyzed prominent ediscovery opinions ranging in topic from ediscovery sanctions to ESI production.Ediscovery

Ediscovery Case Law Trends 2008-2013

Since 2008, ediscovery law has shifted from a focus on production and sanctions to one of procedural and spoliation issues.Ediscovery

Ediscovery: What it means for Big Data

Big data and increasing litigation are translating into big ediscovery costs for companies.Ediscovery

Ediscovery: Hours Piling Up

Taking a project-based approach, companies are reinventing the ediscovery process.Ediscovery

Data explodes

But ediscovery technology keeps it in check.Ediscovery