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KrolLDiscovery Referral Partner Program

KrolLDiscovery provides solution providers with a means to increase revenue and customer options, and enhance customer retention through its robust processing and review tools.

With more electronic data being stored than ever before, it is only a matter of time before litigation, regulatory requests or an investigation impacts one of your customers and ediscovery assistance is needed. Whether you are an ediscovery service provider, IT contractor or value added reseller, we can help through our Ediscovery Referral Partner Program.

Ediscovery Referral Program

KrolLDiscovery can enhance your solution offering with a world-class ediscovery solution while helping you build customer loyalty and grow revenue for the business you identify! Through the Ediscovery Referral Program, your organization can benefit from our processing horsepower, industry-leading software and experienced case managers. See terms and conditions for full description of referral payments and restrictions.

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