Een volledig ediscovery documentreviewtool, waarmee u de touwtjes in handen krijgt.

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EDA & Review - Together forever.

EDA and Review. Samen, voor altijd. Zo hoort het.

U hoeft niet langer heen en weer te pendelen tussen verschillende platforms voor analyse en review. Geen verloren tijd meer. Review is een dynamische oplossing voor het uitvoeren van het vooronderzoek, analyse, predictive coding, review en documentproductie in één platform.

Waarom zou u ooit weer meerdere tools willen gaan gebruiken?

Customer Testimonials

With an ability to say I only want the text files, it allows you to limit the hosting charges and yet still make those informed case decisions that are so crucial.

David Yerich, United HealthGroup

My impression of Review was that it's extremely intuitive and very easy to pick up on and it has a lot of great features and functionality.

Julie Brown, Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease

C. Review recognizes the fluidity of the review process, while providing control at the same time. The tool's predictive coding functionality and reporting enables us to glean insight at the onset of a project, and then make strategic decisions on a granular level about how and what data to review, avoiding unnecessary charges on behalf of our clients.

Stephanie Maw, Keating Muething & Klekamp

The one (feature) that impressed me the most is the ability to go into nearline. I don't think anyone else has that feature.

Ralph Losey, Jackson Lewis
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