The Basics: What is ediscovery?

Big data = big headaches.

So, what is ediscovery?

Emails, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, voice mail, text messages, social media posts. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by big data? Love it or hate, big data is here to stay.

What does this mean for in-house counsel and their law firms?

Increased data volumes = increased cost and risk.

Big data results in more discovery documents to analyze in litigation and internal investigations. Any way you cut it, increased discovery volumes mean increased risk….and increased risk drives increased litigation costs.

But, does this still leave you asking, what is ediscovery?

Increased data volumes = increased cost and risk.

Ediscovery technology saves the day.

Ediscovery technology saves the day.

Over the last decade, innovative technology has emerged, shrinking the risk and costs associated with big data in litigation and internal investigations. This technology enables the ediscovery process, which includes three phases:

  • Identifying and collecting documents
  • Winnowing data by relevance
  • Forming production sets

Savvy litigation teams are learning to integrate ediscovery technology into their cases to gain a strategic edge.

Video: Art to Science

See a full explanation of what is ediscovery and how it is transforming the legal industry from an art to a science.

The ABCs of the EDRM

The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) is an organization that serves as a guide for corporations and law firms faced with the cost challenges and complexities of ediscovery.

Developed to create practical resources to improve ediscovery and information governance, the EDRM provides a forum for sharing advice and best practices. Kroll Ontrack has been honored to participate in this prestigious group over the years and contribute to the creation of its many frameworks.

A Continuous and Simultaneous Process

The Electronic Discovery Reference Model is depicted as a linear workflow. However, ediscovery is continuous and iterative, with interdependent stages that often run in parallel.

On any project, data can be in all phases of the EDRM simultaneously. And, steps are often repeated multiple times. Further, instead of a single project, corporations and their outside counsel may have a portfolio of projects ongoing at the same time, all in differing phases of the EDRM. across the EDRM

Through an integrated approach to service and technology, offers solutions woven through every touch point in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model.

Whether you need unmatched, global services or feature-rich software, let help you take control of your cases, regulatory matters and investigations across the EDRM.