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Project Nightrunner

KrolLDiscovery helps a client coordinate Europe-wide review teams and a 600,000 document review in 4 weeks to respond to suspected antitrust behaviour.

International Review

Mock Dawn Raid and Compliance Audit

After a large fine for their client, competition lawyers and KrolLDiscovery combine to offer mock dawn raids and a compliance audit in 4 countries to help ensure that another fine would not be forthcoming.Compliance Audit

Statement of Objections

A client who was expecting 100,000 pages from the European Commission in a non-searchable format needed help to review the contents within a very tight timeframe.


Documents, documents everywhere!

With 30,000 documents, a 2 week deadline and a small review team, a law firm used Technology Assisted Review (TAR) to complete the review on time.


New Documents Mid-way through a Document Review...Now what?

Technology Assisted Review by KrolLDiscovery empowers client to adapt to mid-review developments and bring an early end to the reviewReview

Machine Learning in Ontrack Inview Speeds Document Review

Faced with a review set of approximately 113,000 documents, the client wanted to use Technology Assisted Review (TAR) offered by KrolLDiscovery to minimize eyes-on review of documents unlikely to be responsive, while achieving early review of the most relevant documents.