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5 Ediscovery Mistakes Organizations Keep Making in Litigation

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See game-changing technology that provides transparency into your entire ediscovery portfolio from any device.

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Learn how to achieve unprecedented control of data volume and costs across early data assessment, analysis, review and production.


Ediscovery.com Overview

With ediscovery.com, Kroll Ontrack is transforming ediscovery from an art - something that is recreated with every project - to a science - something that is predictable, reliable and efficient, with higher quality results.

Ediscovery.com Manage Overview

Ediscovery.com Manage is a breakthrough solution that empowers users to consolidate all of their projects and manage them as a portfolio from any device.




Sekisui Am. Corp v. Hart: Federal Rule Makers, Take Note

Judge Shira Scheindlin, recently decided Sekisui Am. Corp. v. Hart which could serve as a new standard in preservation requirements. Overturning Magistrate Judge Frank Maas, Scheindlin leveraged this spoliation case to address potential amendments to The Federal Rules.

EDRM: Does Your Left Side Know What Your Right Side is Doing?

The left side of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) is often overshadowed by the right side. However, even the best Technology Assisted Review (TAR) protocol will falter if the left side of the EDRM is ignored.

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Ediscovery

Impress your co-workers with the following 10 interesting facts about ediscovery.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Kroll Ontrack

Get to know Kroll Ontrack and the massive amount of data we manage.

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New Documents Mid-way Through a Document Review... Now What?

Technology Assisted Review by Kroll Ontrack empowers client to adapt to mid-review developments and bring an early end to the review.

Corporation Leverages One Online Review Tool to Effectively Manage Vast Amounts of ESI

More than 2,000 data productions were made out of one ediscovery.com Review database to government authorities, opposing parties or other groups in related cases, resulting in increased control and better cost management for the corporation.

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Driving Ediscovery Efficiencies in the Era of Big Data

How to leverage the strengths of people and innovative technology to reduce document review costs.

Improving the Practice of Document Review in Legal Discovery

An examination of Technology Assisted Review’s application to the legal practice of document review.


Ediscovery.com – Collect, Manage and Review

Learn about the trifecta that make up ediscovery.com – Collect, Manage and Review.

Breaking Down Global Discovery and Disclosure Barriers

Kroll Ontrack local experts have deep experience with country-specific collection laws and customs.