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Produced Gigabytes | Pulse

Produced Gigabytes - The number of average GBs
contained in a production set.

Cutting the clutter.

The average number of gigabytes contained in a production set has decreased drastically from 2008 (~100GBs produced) to 2013 (~30GBs produced). This strongly supports the notion that parties are becoming smarter about what they produce.

It's all about email.

While the volume of unstructured data and the complexity of data stores proliferate, email remains the dominant data form for ediscovery.

Email now accounts for just over 65 percent of all data processed, and as corporate communications grow increasingly email-centric, this number is likely to increase.

Data Type - Email

Data Type - The average percentages of email
and documents processed, before filtering.

Average Number of Custodians Per Project

Custodians Per Project - The average number of custodians in a review database.

Less is truly more.

Less than half of the average number of custodians collected per ediscovery project in 2008 were collected in 2012.

What could be driving this decline? In no small part, this trend is likely due to the fact that cost-conscious litigants are leveraging new collection methods and advanced pre-filtering technologies, combined with more effective custodian interviews.

What are Pulse benchmarks?

What is Pulse Benchmarks?

The ediscovery Pulse Benchmarks is a set of real-time and trended data providing metrics that show key trends and changes in the discovery market to help practitioners plan and execute their ediscovery projects.

What is the purpose of the Pulse Benchmarks?

Pulse Benchmarks have never before been generally available in this industry. These metrics may be used for comparison, forecasting or whatever else you need to plan or evaluate performance across the Electronic Discovery Reference Model.
Data target.
How Pulse is created.

How is Pulse Benchmarks created?

Pulse Benchmarks is an aggregation and normalization of data from thousands of matters KrolLDiscovery has handled over a five-year span. Given KrolLDiscovery's unique position in the market - handling more matters of all sizes than any other provider - Pulse Benchmarks metrics can be used for broad comparison and benchmarking in ediscovery cases.

The insights provided by the Pulse do not come at the expense of divulging client-specific data. At no point will the Pulse reveal a particular matter or client associated with KrolLDiscovery.

What are some examples of Pulse Benchmarks?

Some types of metrics contained in the Pulse Benchmarks include:

  • The average number of custodians per ediscovery project
  • Data format source
  • Average collection versus production volumes
  • And more!

New metrics will be released periodically by KrolLDiscovery. The best way to stay up to speed when new metrics are released is to follow the KrolLDiscovery blog, where new metrics will be announced.

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