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Juin 22 2016

Ediscovery in China: Traditions, Rules and Customs You Need to Know

The Chinese legal landscape is often seen as daunting and secretive. Because of the expanding complexities of ediscovery law, a practitioner that is not familiar with Chinese law can find themselves at a significant disadvantage, especially when faced with a regulatory investigation or cross-border litigation. To help you meet these unique challenges head on, we’ve enlisted seasoned APAC ediscovery expert Kate Chan to offer the information and strategies you need to manage Chinese ediscovery.
Juin 8 2015

Cybersecurity: Global Implications on e-Discovery, Litigation & Regulatory Compliance

As attorneys and legal professionals, it is prudent – if not necessary – to take every effort to vet organizational, law firm and vendor data security policies and make sure they are being proactive—before it is too late. Asking intelligent questions of the organizations, law firms and service providers you work with can save money and help your organization avoid being the next victim of a large-scale, highly publicized data breach.
Fév. 24 2015

Delivering Successful Ediscovery Projects Across the Globe

Ediscovery is approached differently in almost every country around the world, and international ediscovery best practices are evolving quickly in response to international litigation and investigations. Knowing the country’s approach to ediscovery is integral to ensuring that a multi-national ediscovery project goes smoothly.

Déc. 10 2014

Document Review Services

We will discuss and present the value of outsourcing document review work, what makes for an effective document review project and recent trends and forecasts for the industry.
Déc. 3 2014

Predictive Coding

Join us to learn about predictive coding’s features and advantages with real-life examples.
Nov. 26 2014

Strategic and Cost-Effective Edisclosure

Join us to discuss how edisclosure providers can add value to your disclosure exercise by guiding you on strategic early data assessment techniques and how costs can be controlled through helpful options such as text only format and nearline functionality.
Nov. 19 2014

Edisclosure Platforms: A Demonstration in Efficiency

This webinar provides lawyers who may not have used an edisclosure platform before with the opportunity to see the benefits in practice.