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How To Develop a Data Preservation & Collection Plan in Preparation for Litigation

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What do an ediscovery attorney, a forensics investigator and a healthcare security manager have in common? In today’s digital age – everything. 

The reality is that today’s healthcare organizations are navigating a new information technology terrain. Growing data volumes, increased information security threats, vast data collection efforts and computer forensics investigations. It is in this new territory where technologists meet attorneys and data managers meet security professionals. This webinar will explore the legal technology issues facing healthcare organizations, through the lens of a real-world case study. The speakers, an attorney and a healthcare security manager, will explain how they helped a hospital develop a data preservation and collection plan in preparation for litigation, and how the outcome saved the hospital money and avoided risk.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the modern digital challenges facing healthcare organizations, such as data breaches, cybersecurity, data management and information governance
  • Summarize how legal, regulatory and compliance requirements are changing, requiring organizations to properly handle electronically stored information or face severe consequences
  • Explain how to navigate complex IT infrastructures to identify, assess and mitigate risks as part of an organization's data management practices should a litigation or investigation ensue

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