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Rage against the machine? Attitudes towards predictive coding amongst UK lawyers

Are lawyers reluctant to use predictive coding technology? Hitesh Chowdhry's study explores attitudes amongst UK lawyers.Predictive Coding

Driving Ediscovery Efficiencies in the Era of Big Data

How to leverage the strengths of people and innovative technology to reduce document review costs.Review

Improving the Practice of Document Review in the Legal Discovery

An examination of Technology Assisted Review’s application to the legal practice of document review.Review

International Data Transmission

A guide to navigating conflicting laws in cross-border discovery.International Review

Multilingual Ediscovery: Options, Obstacles, and Opportunities Report

A guide to collecting, filtering, reviewing and producing multilingual documents in ediscovery.International Review

Near-Duplication and Email Thread Identification

Reduce costs, improve consistency and develop your case strategy during document review.Review

Want to Be My Friend? Social Media, Ediscovery and Ethics

A comprehensive guide to case law, discovery challenges and ethical concerns associated with social media.Ediscovery